several people in blue with blue wave-like headwear guide a giant blue hand in city street parade  

The Last Wave


Handspan's entry in the City of Melbourne's annual Moomba parade. The theme for that year was "Moomba Goes to the Movies" and entries had to be based on a film title. Handspan chose Peter Weir's The Last Wave and created an extravaganza of moving objects that combined the company's hand logo with an ocean theme.

Handspan's Last Wave was designed by Trina Parker, Ken Evans and Philip Lethlean. It won the City of Melbourne Mayor's Cup for Most Original Entry.

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The Last Wave, 1987 Moomba parade, Melbourne. Part 1: Construction and rehearsal.

The Last Wave, 1987 Moomba parade, Melbourne. Part 2: On parade.

Trina Parker pre-parade beside the closed Hand
Pre-parade, sorting out the Lifesavers
five people wearing hats in the shape of waves
Surf's up
two troops of mechanical puppet figures dressed as lifesavers marching along wide city boulevarde
Lifesavers leading
Bill Rogers, lifesaver
Wave with cresting horse
Walking waves
Heading down Swanston Street
Further on Swanston Street
Waves in colour
Proud winners
Post-parade celebration
A closer look at the cup
Wave design by Ken Evans