About the Site

The Site is a record of Handspan Theatre - its work and its people based on documents and images in the company and company members' archives.

The Navigation links across the top of each page will lead you through the site, where the material is grouped into sections with author's commentary:

  • COMPANY includes an overview of Handspan Theatre's history, stories of its places at home and its experiences on the road; and links viewpoints about the company written by Handspan's connections.

  • PEOPLE tells the story of Handspan through its people and includes an A - Z listing of individual names, many linked to brief biographical entries about their time with Handspan.

  • GALLERY links to photo collections of individual productions and a Quick Tour of them all.

The Galleries hold selections from the Handspan Theatre media collection - photos, videos, posters and design sketches. The collection is pre-digital so for the site images have been digitised from available prints, slides, negatives and videotapes most of which are now housed in the Handspan Theatre archives in Arts Centre Melbourne's Performing Arts Collection. Some material has been contributed from private collections.