Productions Timeline

Year of Premiere Production
1977 Hansel and Gretel – In the Booth
1978 Hansel and Gretel – Out of the Booth
Poppa’s Pizza Show
The Mouth Show
1979 The Apple Show
Gulliver at Kealba
Gaudio Visuals
On All Fours
Handspan Theatre Documentary: Videomakers
Sticky Suite
1980 The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek
Prime Time
1981 Beastly Combinations
Jandy Malone and the Nine O'clock Tiger
The Jack and Jill Story (Supported Project)
1982 Seaside Double Header
1983 Secrets
The Carnival of the Animals
1984 Guts
Sidney Spider's Muesli Bowl
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Cho Cho San
ABC Education Episode
Home Pride Bread Commercial
1985 White Mother
Tutta Casa Letto E Chiesa
The Haunted
The Black Mother
The Moment, Mondo Rock Video Clip
1986 A Change of Face
Who Are You
Peace Vigil
1987 Duck
Out for A Duck
The Last Wave
Captain Koala
The Tomorrowland Game
Anti-Nuclear Ship Protest
Christian Television Association Video Clip
1988 Four Little Girls
The Ark of Oz
Waves of Change
ABC Episode: Sunday Afternoon with Peter Ross
1989 Banquet
We Repeat Ourselves
An Evening in the Garden of Earthly Desire
Women Alone
No Right Angles in Paradise
Pacific Overtures (Creative Development)
1990 The Wooden Child
Moomba Logo
The Blood Bank Video Clip
1991 The Crossing
The Reading Boy
Lunatic Soup
1992 Ask for the Captain
Gulliver's Travels
1993 Viva La Vida - Frida Kahlo
Bully (Creative Development)
Café Luna (Creative Development)
1994 I Dreamt I Could Fly
The Tin Soldier and the Paper Bag Princess
Held on the Breath of the Wind
1995 Tonight Ideas Take Flight
The Kangaroo Tale
Daze of Our Lives
Nights at the Circus (Creative Development)
1996 Visible Darkness (Creative Development)
Dante - Through the Invisible
Minds Eye
1997 Bare Bones
Below the Belt
Raised By Wolves
Slow Down Cuz
1998 The Phoenix Cycle
Dolores in the Department Store (Creative Development)
1999 The Road Roach
The Cone Project
2000 Lift 'Em Up Socks
Synaesthesia Project (Creative Development)
2001 Miss Tanaka