In Handspan Theatre's 25 year history over 450 people worked with the company.

Handspan Theatre Dreaming 1986 company members on the verandah edge of an ornate Victorian building

Handspan Theatre Annual Company Dreaming at Medley Hall, Carlton, 1986
Photographer © Andrew Bleby 1986

HANDSPAN THEATRE's people were its lifeblood, driving the company’s artistic vision and contributing to its vitality as well as its artistic programs. Their unique contribution to the Handspan incubator of contemporary Australian theatre in the company's own quarter century resonates in the legacy that continues in their own work, and in the work of many others influenced by the Handspan experience.

Handspan Theatre's structure was created and shaped by its people and evolved throughout its lifetime. The following pages detail developments and changes through the story of its Members, its Management and its Audiences.

Handspan's people are listed individually in People A - Z and where information is available their names link to entries outlining their role in the company and its productions.

In Productions pages which document individual shows, click the People Tab to see Production Credits listing all the people who were involved with each Handspan work.

Production credits throughout the site are grouped in the following categories:

  • Creative Teams are the people who threw the ideas up and took responsibility for the creative roles identified in production credits: Writers, Conceptual artists, Devisors, Directors, Composers, Designers – stage and costume, Puppet designers, Choreographers, Manipulation directors, Dramaturgs, Sound designers and Producers
  • Performers appeared on stage with the company including: Puppeteers, Actors, Musicians, Circus artists, Dancers and Magicians
  • Production Teams: are all the people who realised the productions technically and in promoting them to audiences: Puppet makers, Constructors and fabricators, Production assistants, Production and Stage managers, Production crews, Production publicists, Photographers, Graphic artists and Work experience students or secondments