Cliff Dolliver

Cliff came to Handspan in the production team for Out for a Duck (1987) and Four Little Girls (1988).

He worked with Ken Evans and Trina Parker to realise the sets, props and costumes of many Handspan works and became the Designer in the creative teams of major productions in the 1990s, including I Dreamt I Could Fly (1994) and Minds Eye 1995.

Cliff trained in Fine Arts at the Tasmanian School of Art and brought his skills as a painter to Handspan where he embarked on his continuing career in visual theatre. In an pre-season interview for Minds Eye in 1996, he explained his approach to design:

I think a lot about colours and tones and texture and the weight of each scene and what it's trying to portray to the audience. It's about finding images that correspond to the scene ..I usually go for the most appealing thing.

N.J.Weetman interview: Inpress, Melbourne 27 November, 1996

In 1993 Cliff also partnered with Paul Newcombe and Rod Primrose to established Black Hole, contemporary visual performance group, in Melbourne. He re-located to London to work with Henson's Creature Workshop in 2001 and stayed in collaborations with many other street theatre and puppetry performers.

Cliff moved to Cork, Ireland where he established Dowtcha Puppets in 2002, with whom he created plays for young audiences and processional street imagery for community parades and events until 2019 when he returned to Melbourne.