Scenes from Secrets, 1983. Includes excerpts from Nigel Triffitt interview.

Scenes from Cho Cho San at the Universal Theatre, Fitzroy VIC, 1984. Courtesy ABC TV Education.

Four Little Girls, 1988. Performance excerpts and interview with Ariette Taylor by Russell Starke for Showbiz Artz, © SBS TV.

Four Little Girls, 1993. Performance excerpts from promotional showreel compiled for publicists Meredith King and Associates.

Scenes from Streetwise 1983, with set demonstration and Ken Evans interview. Excerpt from documentary by Margot Philipson.

The Tomorrowland Game at Melbourne Zoo, 1985. Puppetry and play-making workshop dealing with environmental destruction and its effects on ecosystems.

Short documentary by Kestrel Films, following Handspan Theatre into the central Australian desert to research The Haunted in 1985

Scenes from The Haunted at the Universal Theatre, Fitzroy, Next Wave Festival 1985.

The Last Wave, 1987 Moomba parade, Melbourne. Part 1: Construction and rehearsal.

The Last Wave, 1987 Moomba parade, Melbourne. Part 2: On parade.

The Reading Boy, 1992. Performance excerpts and interview with director Jon Stephens for Mount Isa TV.

Scenes from Daze of Our Lives, 1996

Dante: Through the Invisible. Segment from In Review presented by Louise Adler, © ABC TV, 1996.

Scenes from Dante - Through the Invisible, 1996. Excerpts from promotional video.