Liss Gabb

Liss Gabb Handspan Theatre woman's face with hair tied back and big eyes looking downwards in concentration

Liss Gabb
In Minds Eye, Handspan Theatre/Back-to-Back Theatre co-production
Photograph: © Jeff Busby, 1996

Liss joined Handspan as an Associate Member when Ken Evans was Artistic Director in 1995.

She performed in most of Handspan's works from this time and became a Member in 1997 when David Bell was appointed as Artistic Director.

She was involved in several of Handspan's street parade projects and was Parade Director at the Melbourne Moomba Festival in 2001 for Arts Projects Australia (APA).

As Board Member at Handspan's closure she was active in negotiations about its future prospects.

Member 1997 - 2002
Associate member 1995 - 1996
Board member 2000 - 2002