The Mouth Show


Commissioned by the Fitzroy Community Health Centre, The Mouth Show was the first of Handspan Theatre's theatre-in-education productions.

When the Mouth yields to the blandishments of Sugar, plaque and germs move in and the teeth are in trouble. Help comes via an outsize carrot and a giant toothbrush passed along by the audience, summoning Crunch the Natural Goodness Superhero and Bristle the Fluoride Cowboy. The baddies are soon vanquished.

The Mouth Show toured Victorian schools and community venues until 1980.

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The Mouth Show preset.
Ken Evans as the Dentist, 1978
Tony Rickards as the Dentist, 1979
Enter Sugar
Sugar and her tray of sweet things
Sugar sits on the Tongue before being swallowed
Plaque and Germs throw a party in the Mouth
The Teeth call for help
The Toothbrush comes to the rescue
Crunch and Bristle have cleared the Mouth of Plaque and Germs
Publicity shot with Philip Lethlean as the Dentist
The Dentist declares the Teeth free of cavities
Puppeteers and Dentist celebrate
1979 cast
1980 cast
"Dear dentist, It is a very nise show"
"I do not like her verey much"