Hansel and Gretel


Handspan Theatre's first production. Devised by the ensemble with a music soundtrack by Uncle Bob's Band and designed for children in a theatre restaurant setting. Dialogue was taped and the performance took place in an open booth flanked by papier-maché trees.

The second iteration of Hansel and Gretel was more portable and the fourth wall gave way to no walls. It played in non-theatre spaces using just a few puppets and objects, augmented with audience participation guided by a narrator.

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Getting lost
Flower ballet
Mother Bird feeding chicks
Deeper into the forest
Gingerbread house
Witch's kitchen
Children are my favourite food!
Bird and mouse
The Witch greets her fans
Hansel and Gretel company, 1978
The Witch and her maker
Enter the Witch, Carringbush Library 1978
I love little children
Birthday party, Melbourne Botanical Gardens 1978
Enter the Bird
Bird and its maker
A tense moment as Hansel backchats the Witch
Photo opportunity
A day off