Black and white line drawing, creek scene with bunyip  

The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek


Based on the 1974 Australian Children's Book Of the Year, The Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek, written by Jenny Wagner and illustrated by Ron Brooks. Emerging alone from Berkeley's Creek, the Bunyip travels the land seeking an answer to the question: "What am I?".

Handspan's adaptation was designed to tour in a small van and play indoors or outdoors. It toured until 1982, travelling to schools, festivals and community events in Australia and abroad.

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performer in feathery furry bunyip mask crawls onstage through gap in painted landscape backdrop
"Where am I?"
performer in bunyip mask crawls across stage
"What am I?"
performer in bunyip mask conversing with puppet kookaburra
"So if I've got feathers, then I'm a bird?"
Performer in bunyip mask flanked by puppeteers with large emu and kangaroo puppets
The Australian coat of arms, sort of
two performers in unyip costume
"We’re both Bunyips!"
"We’re bunyipian bigblobicus"
"But I have emu’s feet!"
Bunyip meets Bunyip
Pre-show introduction
"Are you sure I’m not a kookaburra?"
"We have the same feet"
Emu and Kangaroo race - someone went the wrong way
Pre-show in Portland VIC 1981
In performance
Problem: small-scale show assigned to large stage
Problem solved
Roving Bunyip, Warana Children's Festival, Brisbane 1980
Bunyips in hiding
Bunyips reflective
Roving Emu, Festival of Perth 1981
Getting an education
Famous places (1)
Famous places (2)
Famous places (3)
A Bunyip in New York
The friendly Bunyip of Marryatville Primary School welcomes the Bunyip of Berkeley's Creek
Flight check at Tullamarine airport, en route to Perth 1981
Good bunyips! Luggage clearly labelled.
"I’m a Platypus and I’m OK"
Kidnapped Knapsack never came back
Poster for Peninsula tour, Victoria 1981
Poster for Victorian coastal tour with Kooka, 1982