Held on the Breath of the Wind

Performance Date 2 October 1994
Venue Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Victoria

overhead view of large white paper and cane dragon processing in the street

Held on the Breath of the Wind Melbourne Fringe Festival Parade

Photographer © Ken Evans, 1994

HELD ON THE BREATH OF THE WIND was an extended processional piece developed for the Melbourne Fringe Parade, 1994.

The work was the culmination of an 8-week workshop held at Handspan’s Gertrude St Studio in which participants worked with company members to construct processional imagery and develop their manipulation techniques.

A substantial array of imagery evolved, including a giant world globe and a 20 metre flying dragon. Lightweight, durable materials were supported on backpack structures to carry the objects overhead, the whole collection making an impressive multiple-image spectacle.

For Handspan artists who had been working individually as leaders of community workshop projects, this pre-Fringe Parade workshop series was an opportunity for exchange of ideas and techniques within the company as well as an ensemble led in-depth workshop experience for emerging artists and performing arts students.

Held on the Breath of the Wind participants resting triumphant in a Fitzroy laneway post parade

Photographer © Ken Evans, 1994

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Creative team
Co Ordinator Ken Evans
Designer Katy Bowman
Manipulation directors Lizz Talbot, Andrew Hansen, Winston Appleyard & Heather Monk
Lizz Talbot
Andrew Hansen
Winston Appleyard
Heather Monk
Annie Wylie
Paul Judd
Workshop participants Laura Bellamy, Craig Hedger, Nicole Jones, Amber Caitlin-Perry, Katrina Gaskell, Natalie Rothman, Sandra Brooks, Matt Herbert, Rachel Lowe, John McDonald, Karen Rhodes, Andrew Trnacek, Rosie Grayson, Andrea James, Lisa McClelland, Alan McGregor, Rosie Rush, Melynda Woodward
Production team
Puppet makers Cliff Dolliver & Rod Primrose
Photographer Ken Evans

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