The Tomorrowland Game

Performance 27 April, 1987
Venue Royal Melbourne Zoological Gardens, Education Service

THE TOMORROWLAND GAME was a workshop performance project created by Andrew Hansen with the Education Department of the Royal Melbourne Zoo.

The project concept aimed to stimulate discussion about environmental conservation with groups of school children who participated in promenade performances and puppetry-making workshops over 3 visits to the Zoo.

Frank Ryan from Zoo Education led students in a journey through the park grounds where in various locations they met Andrew, each time a new character. They followed a dark a Maze to meet the Gambler and played the ancient game of change - the I Ching, to 'win' a diorama scene of earth's environment - the sea, the forest, grasslands, deserts and Antarctica.

Their choice became the topic of dramatised puppet sketches developed by each group in workshops and performed to dissuade the gambling and ruthless businessman from destruction of the future in their final visit.

The project was complex, a challenging and exciting residency for artists, students and the Zoo education team. There is little record and no photographs of the work available other than the following amateur video of segments from the Antarctica group:

Tomorrowland Game
Segments from archival Handspan camera footage 1987
Compiled by Andrew Bleby