New Gallery: Cho Cho San

MV Thursday September 21, 2017

The Cho Cho San gallery is now live for your viewing pleasure, with beautiful photos from Stephen Hall and selected rehearsal shots, plus a short video featuring performance excerpts and a few words from designer Ken Evans.

Photo: Cho Cho San watches gravely as Pinkerton charms Butterfly. (L-R) Danny Nash, Ruth Schonheimer and puppeteer Peter Wilson. Photograph © Stephen Hall, 1984.

Vale Ian Mortimer

MV Monday January 2, 2017


Ian Mortimer in The Haunted. Photograph © Peter Akbyik 1985

A performer and theatre maker of courage, integrity and invention, Ian Mortimer died on December 26, 2016.

He is seen here in the role of Helmut in Handspan's The Haunted (Photograph © Peter Akbiyik, 1985). For more of Mort in this show see The Haunted Gallery



MV Wednesday November 30, 2016

Mr.Millyun is pleased to announce Handspan's re-designed Gallery Home page. From here you can explore the collection through various gateways, incuding Mainstage,  For Young People, On the Street and Vignettes, plus a new Videos section that assembles all the video clips currently on the site in a single gallery.

And check out our four new production galleries:


More galleries coming soon. Contact info at handspanthatre.com.au if you would like to contribute additional images, corrections or feedback.



MV Tuesday May 31, 2016

After two years of wrangling content and technology Helen Rickards and Maeve Vella are both pleased and relieved to declare the Handspan Theatre website live and launched today.

~ drumroll, cymbal crash ~

During its quarter century, Melbourne-based Handspan Theatre created a substantial body of original work and involved some hundreds of people in its endeavours. The website aims to be a rich record of Handspan Theatre's output, its influences and its public life.

Material has been compiled from the company archives, now held in the Performing Arts Collection at the Arts Centre, Melbourne, and from private collections of former company members and associates. Some personal memories and anecdotes are included to colour in the facts.

At this stage, some entries await completion and more photos and videos will be added in galleries and through the site. Thank you to all contributors to date, and we look forward to receiving more information and feedback in the future.

~ applause ~

We are seeking funding for further research to fill gaps in the record, to extend and digitise photographic material, edit more video clips, and publicise the site's existence.

~ all cross fingers ~

We hope this website will be a useful resource for research and reflection on visual theatre and a definitive record of Handspan's contribution to theatre history.

~ release doves and confetti ~