Welcome to the HANDSPAN THEATRE website

The Site is a record of Handspan Theatre - its work and its people based on documents and images in the company archives.

The Navigation links across the top of each page will lead you through the site, where the material is grouped into sections with author's commentary:

  • ABOUT includes an overview of Handspan Theatre's history through its people and its places at home and on the road, and from viewpoints of those connected with Handspan's era.
  • PEOPLE leads to a summary of how people worked with the company and to an A - Z listing of individuals names and, in some cases, an entry about their time with Handspan.
  • PRODUCTIONS documents the shows and projects, grouped according to where they appeared: MAINSTAGE, FOR YOUNG PEOPLE, VIGNETTES, ON THE STREET and HANDMADE and lists those that were CO-PRODUCTIONS.
  • GALLERY links to photo collections of individual productions and a Quick Tour of them all.
  • NEWS is an Update Blog, which will include posts of new material on the site once it is released.

Menu in the side bar and contents lists on each page provide links to all entries too.

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It is hoped that the Site may provoke discussion, further commentary and reflection about the development of visual theatre; its place in theatrical form and its strengths and weaknesses as well as the influences of Handspan's 25 Year history.

Contributions and feedback are welcome - email: info at handspantheatre.com.au